Acro for Dance


Your feedback required

Help DBSD fam

I need your input and the timing is URGENT

The Concert Hall is inputting 2020 dates and asking me to consider the 27th and 28th of June as rehearsal and recital

We’ve never gone to to end of June.. but that doesn’t mean we can’t.

I am not sure about the idea and want to get some feedback here.

It keeps the kids active and in dance longer, those dates are a Saturday and Sunday which is kind of nice.

Because of scheduling issues ( I assume with the loss of Pantages ) they are offering me a Monday Tuesday or Wednesday option at the beginning of June – no weekend

Things to think about

Let me know ASAP if you have an opinion strongly either way

Miss Barb email or text 2047976293

Update re MOVE

Move is an optional competition, therefore nothing can be entered without your verbal or written consent. The email sent on December 18th outlined cost etc, as well as a request that you email us back with what you want entered in this competition

Thanks to those of you who have been calling the studio today! You have helped us out a lot

Ms B

URGENT regarding MOVE

Hello dance fam

Move competition entry deadline is today! We have only confirmed 14 entries plus all performance teams.

At this point we will only have time to enter your solos, as there is no time now to coordinate duos and above ( meaning we don’t have time to phone everyone and get consent as this is our fourth and optional competition)

If you want your solo in MOVE you must call Brooke at 204-222-9368 before 3pm today.


Ms B