Thank you all for your patience and kindness today! In the end the new security rules at the Concert Hall are meant to keep us safe and secure. Rehearsal went smoother than ever and we were out a half hour earlier than normal!!

Ms B

New last minute rule

I am VERY sorry to tell you that the front of house at the Concert hall is closed for rehearsal. They have implemented new security rules as you know. This includes closing front of house. I did not get verification of this until 8:30am June 4thPlease be positive and make the best of this as I am going to do. 

I have voiced my upset over the lack of warning, and have asked for a meeting after Recital.

Miss Barb 

Sunday Arrival time

Just a reminder that you do not need to arrive any earlier than your stated arrival time on Sunday. The arrival times are 9:30 10:30 12pm and 1pm. That time includes your half hour call. Please do not add another half hour to that :)Ms Barb

Dvd and Photo form information 

Parents & Dancers,
Please note that if you have not yet submitted your photo & DVD forms (due Wednesday May 24th), the desk will still accept them up until tomorrow, Thursday June 1st. Photo & DVD forms can be found on our Dates & Events page at
Please note, we are NOT able to accept photo order forms during our picture days this weekend, so if you have yet to submit them, and would like photos, please submit them no later than tomorrow, Thursday June 1st 9pm, to the studio.


New policy at Recital

IMPORTANTA new policy by the Concert Hall states that:

On the night of recital there is not allowed to be any traffic between backstage and front of house. All parents and friends must walk around and enter through the main entrance. At intermission and at the end of the show you must walk out and around to backstage.

Older dancers should be dropped off, younger dancers can be accompanied by one parent and dropped off with our volunteers. Parents not volunteering must then exit and walk around to enter at the front doors.

This is an MCCC policy, we must comply as it is for the safety of all children.


Ms B

Contest time!!

IT’S contest time X TWO!!In studio: guess correctly the number of dance shoes in the lost and found and win 2 Recital tickets to ‘Gotta Dance!’ On June 5th 
Online Contest: send us a picture of your dancer practising or stretching in the craziest places, or the most creative ways! The most CREATIVE submission will win FOUR tickets to Gotta Dance! Our year end Recital on June 5th!!

Enter in the DBSD private parent/ student forum Facebook group  and on our @dbsd_official Instagram use the #dbsdfam and tag Barbara Ann